Wellness Hotel Patince


Wellness Hotel Patince and its thermal healing spring is one of the most popular places to relax in the entire Nitra region. Although the hotel is as modern as possible in terms of customers, the old procedures were still followed when booking hotel rooms and most of the work was still done manually. The need for change was growing, and the hotel management decided it was time to tame the reservation system.



Even at the first glance at the client’s problems, the solution was clearer than ever. There was only one thing that would relieve the receptionists and hotel staff from unnecessary “bureaucracy” and save a lot of time: the automation of the reservation system.

Initially, however, the straightforward task took on the complexity of literally every hour we spent in joint consultations. The reservation system had to handle everything of its human predecessor: to book rooms, to communicate with clients, but also to offer special and seasonal packages in various combinations, which are very popular among visitors.

Therefore, we set to work from the ground up and designed a comprehensive solution that covered the entire booking process.


  • 1. Today, the new system takes over potential customers from the first moment. At the beginning, it offers the latest service packages and seasonal promotions to new customers on the web. It automatically updates the offer throughout the year, while also handling special offers such as “first minute” or  “last minute” sales.
  • 2.The process of preparing tailor-made special price offers has also been simplified. Thanks to the template that the system automatically generates, the time of issuing a bid has been significantly reduced. The system then reserves rooms to future visitors according to their requirements. If the selected room is booked, it will automatically offer other rooms with similar parameters, which has increased the number of online bookings by up to 500%.
  • 3. Automatic processing of advance payments is the last step on the way from visitor to customer. The entire process from the first visit to payment – including automated email communication with clients – is linked, simple and extremely efficient.
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Reduction of customer departure before the end of the reservation




Increase in online bookings


  • saving employees time and increasing work efficiency
  • a significant increase in the number of online bookings
  • improved cash flow of the hotel thanks to automated advance payments
  • unified communication with clear “brand essence”
  • reduction of customer departure before the end of the reservation
  • clear and simple UX and UI reservation system – for both clients and employees

We have been cooperating with Codebusters for several years. We are glad that together we managed to solve the issue of online reservations so that our clients feel maximum comfort. We take them as part of our team and they respond flexibly to the needs and incorporation of comments. As part of the web booking process and its setup, they have done a quality work and we are already working together on further improvements in online bookings.

Martin Slivka

Director of Sales and Marketing