who love fun

Codebusters are people who were born into digital world. We used emoticons since the moment we opened the eyes for the very first time. Streets did not teach us the toughest lessons, but online forums did it. We fell in love after long conversations on ICQ, so we could discuss it with friends from the whole Slovakia, who were always just a few clicks away.

We are Generation Y which has lived in the internet world since its birth.

Our values:


We communicate regularly with our clients and their brand is well-known to us. We strive to create for them long-term solutions and progress together.


We do not promise moon only because we want you to become our client. Instead, we offer practical solutions for your business, designed to be both functional and classy.


We solve problems of our clients individually and with a human approach. We know you cannot understand every digital thing, so our reports are clear and we always explain everything.